During these difficult times in the State of Maine and across the world lots of public spaces are not open due to trying to avoid spreading of the coronavirus COVID-19.  This also includes the public area of a local basketball court that Kid likes to go to right in Brewer.

Kid isn't sure what the deal is when it comes to the restrictions of the basketball court at this time, mid May 2020, so we took some time out of the show to connect with the people who would know the answer to that, Brewer Parks & Rec.

Listen in as we attempt to call the City of Brewer's Department of Parks and Recreation using right and wrong phone numbers, traverse the lengthy list of staff and extensions and leave a message with Mike, the Director of Brewer Parks and Rec.

Kid is a big fan of basketball as you can see in this video:

In fact he loves sports so much he's even invented his own absurd sports, including Lidball from a recent 'Free the Z' Turkey Drive event.

We did hope this sport would catch-on, even claiming the wikipedia term while we crossed our fingers that it's popularity would vindicate a spot in the online universe.  We are still waiting for this moment to arise.

Ultimately, we are still waiting on word back from the Brewer Parks and Recreation Department on whether the basketball court is useable now during the pandemic or when a future opening would occur.

Stay tuned.

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