Just to have fun, Kid and Sarah busted out some 'The Office' trivia.


Here are the questions we asked, taken from thoughtcatalog.com:

Question: During his embarrassing Dundie award presentation, whom is Michael Scott presenting a Dundie award when he sings along to “You Sexy Thing” by ’70s British funk band Hot Chocolate?
Answer: Ryan

Trivia Question: In “The Alliance” episode, Michael is asked by Oscar to donate to his nephew’s walkathon for a charity. How much money does Michael donate, not realizing that the donation is per mile and not a flat amount?
Answer: $25

Trivia Question: Which character became Jim’s love interest after he moved to the Stamford branch in season three and joined the Scranton office during the merger?
Answer: Karen Filippelli

Trivia Question: What is the exclusive club that Pam, Oscar, and Toby Flenderson establish in the episode “Branch Wars”?
Answer: Finer Things Club

Trivia Question: What is the name of the employee who started out as “the temp” in the Dunder Mifflin office?
Answer: Ryan

Trivia Question: Dwight owns and runs a farm in his spare time. What does this farm primarily produce?
Answer: Beets

Trivia Question: In “Diversity Day” episode what famous comedian’s stand up routine does Michael imitate?
Answer: Chris Rock

Trivia Question: In the episode “The Client”, the employees were reading Michael’s movie script. Which employee read the part of Goldenface?
Answer: Oscar

Trivia Question: Who are the three main members of the party planning committee?
Answer: Phyllis, Angela, and Pam

Trivia Question: What does Michael pretend to fire Pam over in season one?
Answer: Stealing Post-It notes

Trivia Question: What kind of sandwich does Michael have a dream about when he’s the head of Michael Scott Paper Company?
Answer: Peanut butter and tuna fish

Trivia Question: What’s the name of Dwight’s porcupine who he used to make it look like Jim was pranking him?
Answer: Henrietta

Trivia Question: What brand is Michael Scott wearing on the day he accidentally wearing a woman’s suit?
Answer: MISSsterious

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