The Z Morning Show’s best friend hits a big milestone today!

I can’t imagine not doing the Z Morning Show, if we didn't have our daily segment with WABI-TV 5 meteorologist Todd Simcox, every day at 7:10. His infectious laugh makes my job so damn easy to do when I tell him the absurd, bizarre stories that he absolutely loves.

He has been a great friend to us over the years. He has NEVER missed a Free The Z Turkey Drive. He always shows up to keep me company on those long, cold days, and I truly appreciate his friendship, even when he sends me mean texts.

Today marks exactly 20 years since Todd arrived here in Bangor, and in that time, he has become a local legend, and successful businessman, with his hugely popular line of salsa products. And I can tell you, he is beyond grateful for all the love he has received during his time here. Check out his heartfelt Facebook post on his anniversary

Todd Simcox

September 11, 2001: my last day on-air at WFVX Fox 33 in Cadillac, Michigan. What was supposed to be a bittersweet day was anything but and turned into easily my toughest day on-air trying to give a forecast among the news of the terrorist attack.
Lee and I packed up our stuff and headed east. Six days later… I started my new job as the morning meteorologist at WABI in Bangor, Maine.
Today marks my 20th year at WABI. Thankful for our News Director at the time, Jim Morris, for giving me the opportunity. I’ve been extremely lucky to meet and work alongside some great people in the WABI family and worked with some fantastic Meteorologists over the years (many of whom have moved on to big city markets after starting their careers at WABI).
And extremely thankful for all the friends we’ve gained since moving here in 2001, settling in and starting a family.
Happy Workaversary to me and thank you to all who have helped along the way.
Cheers to many years to come(hopefully)!

Thank you for taking our show to a higher level with your presence every morning! You are a true friend. Cheers!

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