A unique local television experience is coming to an end next year.

I remember being pretty depressed when my buddy Dan Cashman left his job here years ago. We had a fantastic working relationship, and friendship. However, I knew he wanted to move on to other opportunities, and boy has he. He was Press Secretary for Governor Baldacci, then he began a reboot of his local talk show, which will be celebrating its 15th and final season on WABI TV-5, in the spring of 2025.

Since 2010, Dan has had an impressive array of guests, most of them with ties to Maine. Famous actors, musicians, politicians, and local personalities have made his show a success that regularly beats Saturday Night Live in its 11:30pm time slot, which is a very impressive feat.

We selected some of his best interviews, comedy bits, and musical performances for you to enjoy.

All good things must come to an end. For The Nite Show, that end is now in sight. After 15 years, in the Spring of 2025, The Nite Show will say "Goodnite" as it sails off into the TV sunset.

See Dan's announcement about it, then catch full episodes of The Nite Show with Danny Cashman Saturday nights at 11:30 on WABI TV5/Bangor, Saturday nights after the FOX23 News at Ten on FOX23/Portland, Saturday nights at 11 on WWPI NBC16/Presque Isle, and late night Saturdays at 1 a.m. on WGME CBS13/Portland.

As you can imagine, when Dan made the announcement public, lots of people had to thnak Danny for all of his hard work!

Linda Kirshenbaum
Always wishing you the very best now and tomorrow

Mark Nason
My only regret is that I didn’t get involved earlier. We are going to make the final year one long party.

Sarah Spangler Pfeiffer McCarthy
Bucket list - attend all tapings! Great run, all!

Elaine Bard
You are such an incredible person! I can't imagine how hard this descision was!

Kylie Low
Wow! You’re a legend, Dan.

Kenya Hopkins
Going out on top! Thats my friend

Felicia Knight
Dan, I'm glad you have another year to go, and admire greatly what you've accomplished. It's always been fun to join you, to watch, and to root for you. We'll all watch your final season with a touch of bittersweetness, but also with gratitude for giving us laughter and a unique look at our fellow Mainers. Congratulations to you and your team.

Marc Summers
Helluva run. The best is yet to come

Craig Colson
It has been fun to watch you grow into the talented and caring guy you are. Transitions are rough. Trust me.
I’ll look forward to seeing the next chapter. I have no doubt it will be great.

Towle Tompkins
The Nite Show has been an incredible example of local television entertainment. The amount of creativity, hard work, and technical prowess needed to produce this kind of show is astounding.
Bravo and brava to Dan Cashman, Christie Robinson, Brian Nadeau, the Nite Show Band, the Husson University students, and the myriad professionals who made this a statewide must-see every weekend.

Nathan Shea
This is hard to see/hear but I know there must be a good reason behind it. Thanks for your dedication and service to the greater Bangor area all these years

Jack Cashman
15 year run , just one more think that has made us proud of you

Rich Kimball
Few people have any idea of how much work it is to do what you do but you’ve created a body of work that stands with the best local television ever produced in Maine. Congratulations on a great run and much success in the next chapter, Dan!

Randy Seaver
Wow! You are leaving behind an amazing legacy. Your hard work, talent and persistence is obvious to all those around you. Best of luck in navigating the road ahead, Your show will be missed.

Jim Murphy
End of an era.

Allison Bankston
I still remember my ex-husband saying, "This kid is starting this cool thing on campus. He's really going somewhere, and I'm going to help. You should come and see." To have watched this from the beginning is so amazing. YOU'RE amazing, Dan. Aside from your fan base, so many of our own personal life stories are tied to YOUR journey. It has provided a timeline for so many lives and brought so many people together.

Taylor Dawn
And it’s going to be the best year yet. How lucky are WE to have had the honor and joy of watching you on this journey! You are so loved Dan. And the most talented / hilarious / genuinely kind human. Congratulations

Todd Simcox
Well done Dan. It’s been a great run and you’ve done a heck of job making that show what it is from day 1. Make the best of this final year.

Torrey Ham
Proud that WGME & WPFO have been the home for The Nite Show in So. Maine for the past 10 yrs, Dan. Your wit, charm, and drive have provided a platform that has

Jason Thibodeau
The true success should be measured by comparing your first show ever to your last show!!! I think it’s quite obvious how successful you and your show have been!!! Awesome work Dan Cashman !!!

David Thibodeau
hey Dan...great run!!! i remember the early days at the Community Center and the OT Knights of Columbus hall - bed sheets and all!! Very sad I was never invited as a guest, being a famous mountain climbing guide and all...probably because I'm a Yankee fan!!! Well done my friend!!!

Becky Adams
You have done such a service to the state, Dan. You, and your whole team, have SO much to be proud of, friend.

Congrats for being a great friend to us here in Brewer, for all these years, we hope you have a great run to the finish line!

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