Anybody want some salsa? Our favorite TV weatherman has plenty!

It will be a long week without Todd, he is currently living the high life at the Fryeburg Fair, but he had some great news to share with everyone!

And since he has left us with some pretty amazing weather, it might be the perfect opportunity to get in the car, roll the windows down and take a road trip to the last official Maine fair of 2023.

He has loaded up a ton of salsa and hot sauce to sell at the fair (8,712 jars of salsa and 2,016 bottles of hot sauce to be exact) Crazy, but true. You can see all that delicious salsa on those massive pallets, all ready to go.

In addition to being the meteorologist at WABI TV-5 here in Bangor, he has been running a very successful side hustle, "Todd's Salsa", selling his homemade treats all over the state of Maine.

The fair runs all week and wraps up on Sunday, October 8th. It runs from 9am-9pm each day. Make sure to stop by the Specialty Food Pavilion and say hi to him!

Fryeburg Fair founded in 1851 is Maine's Blue Ribbon Classic Agricultural Fair, and sits on 185 acres and has over 100 buildings. The eight-day fair hosts over 3,000 animals including prize-winning draft horses, ponies, racing horses, oxen, dairy & beef cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, rabbits and much more.

They provide a variety of foods including pizza, sausage, French fries, fried dough, Mexican, Thai, drinks and many other fantastic selections.

There are plenty of rides too. There are 2023 Bracelet days, with pay one price for all rides from 10 a.m. to Close on these days:

Tuesday, October 3 - $30
Wednesday, October 4 - $30
Thursday, October 5 - $30
Sunday, October 8 - $30

Live music at night, including:

Tue, Oct 3 - Marshall Tucker Band
Wed, Oct 4 - Niko Moon
Thu, Oct 5 - The Great Escape
Fri, Oct 6 - Emily Ann Roberts
Sat, Oct 7 - Bad Habit

Have a great week Todd!

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