Hang in there Maine, we will get through this!

It has been a wild morning so far here in the State of Maine, snow is coming down at an epic clip, and that's the way it will be for the next several hours.

With heavy wind & wet snow, it is inevitable that many people either already have, or will lose power, especially if those lines get bogged down with snow. The stupid wind doesn't help either!

As seen in a Maine Reddit video post, crews from Versant and Central Maine Power, hit the roads early in a preventative measure, to try and get out ahead of what is to come. Keep in mind that if the winds gust over a certain amount, it is just too dangerous to send people up in the buckets to asses problems, so patience is key in these situations.

They’re rolling in folks! We must now face the reality of the next few days.
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You can keep up to date on what your situation is regarding your electricity, by taking an up-to-minute look at the outage and restoration maps from both Versant and Central Maine Power.

Versant Outage Map

Central Maine Power Outage Map

Stay calm, save, and let these hard-working folks get out there and do their job, and fingers crossed, the lights will be on, and Netflix will be streaming in no time!

Here is how the forecast breaks down for the next 24 hours:

TODAY: Heavy, wet snow persisting all day long. NE Winds gusting up to 45 mph inland and up to 55 mph along the coast. Highs reach the low to mid-30s.

TONIGHT: The heaviest snow will gradually end, and drier and warmer air will push in. Lows will drop into the low to mid-30s. Winds will lighten up a bit overnight with gusts up to 40 mph along the coast and up to 30 mph inland.

FRIDAY: Scattered snow/rain showers linger all day. Winds will still be gusting up to 30 mph.

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