The State of Maine got sucker punched right in the face yesterday, and these videos prove it!

Hundreds of thousands of Mainers are without power, there is countless damage to homes, vehicles, businesses, not to mention downed powerlines, flooding, tree branches and limbs blocking off roads, and navigating around town without the help of traffic lights. The Monday mayhem of yesterdays storm is still being felt today, and probably will be for the next several.

Devastating winds, heavy rain, and no electricity just about everywhere, has left everyone a little shook up. Those us of who are lucky enough to have a generator, or remembered to charge our cell phones up, have seen some pretty mind blowing images on social media, since Monday morning.

In seems like just about everyone on Facebook, had a story of something that happened to them or a friend. Few were unscathed, that's for sure, well excluding a friend of mine, who lives about 3 blocks away, and is on a different power gird. She never lost electricity once! Now that is lucky.

Just simply typing "Maine Strom" into search on TikTok, brings up a ton of on the spot videos from people who witnessed the intensity of this storm, up close and personal.

As everyone asses all the damage from the last 24 or so hours, be thankful the temps never got below freezing, or we would have been in a worse spot than the now legendary "Ice Storm of 98".

Stay warm! And pray for that power to come back on!

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