Check out the ‘Snow Moon’ This Weekend
This final weekend of February is bringing a full moon called the Snow Moon. You will be able to see it tonight but it won't hit it's official full moon status until 3:19 AM Saturday morning.
Maine’s Top 20 Trending Topics of 2020
We took a look at the topics that trended here in the State of Maine for the whole year of 2020 and compiled a list as a sort of walk down the memory lane of 2020 which shows what us Mainers chose to know more about during a hell of year.
If You Missed Kid, Sarah & Todd On Election ‘Snow Day’
The Z Morning Show with Kid & Sarah gets you up and moving, weekdays from 6-9!
On this snowy Election Day, Todd reminded us that in 2014, there were 10 inches of snow on the ground here in the Bangor area, after a big storm just days before we went to the polls.

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