As we see today, a Maine winter is never over, till it's over!

As we get socked in the jaw with some snow today, plus much more to come this Saturday, Maine's King of Comedy, Bob Marley, had a pretty keen observation about what the weather can be like around here, sometimes well into April.

In a funny Facebook video he posted on his page yesterday, he pointed out that lots of people who have snow plows on their vehicles often cite March 20th, as the day you decide to take it off and put it up for the year, or leave it on, because well, ya know, take a look outside.

He also took a subtle jab at folks who live in warmer weather states, who aren't just quite as tough as we are, here in Maine

Marley has 3 upcoming dates in the state, but he is also headed out West, to Utah, Colorado & Arizona.

Here is where you can catch Bob in the Pine Tree State:

Club Calumet-Augusta Thursday, March 21st
Clambake Seafood Restaurant-Scarborough Saturday, March 30th
The Freedom Cafe & Pub-Naples Thursday, June 20th

Marley grew up in Bangor, before moving to Portland. He has said "his "dad had no idea there was a singer named Bob Marley." He attended the University of Maine at Farmington, where he realized wanted to pursue comedy as his career.

As his career was taking off, Marley moved to California and lived there for several years, but moved back to Maine in 2005.

Most of his stand-up routines are about about life here in the State of Maine.

Haave a good chuckle this morning watching the video, but then get outside and plow that driveway!!

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