Love a good dirty vanity plate? Spend a few minutes on this page, you will be entertained!

Mainers get very creative with only 7 characters, so take a peek at the Vanity of Maine Facebook page, it is a collection of some of the most creative (and crude) vanity license plates in the State of Maine.

Back in 2015, Maine ended the review process for vanity plates, and that's when the fun started. Drivers really took the ball and ran with it.

After a few years of being totally chill with it, Maine has had a change of heart and put the stop to 274 license plates that are deemed too racy to be on the roads.

Maine, for several years, had allowed people to put just about any combination of letters and numbers on their vehicle plates, including words and phrases that other states would ban.

The state decided to change course and this year recalled plates it deemed inappropriate, however, thanks to this Facebook page, they still live on, for all of us to laugh, or possibly be repulsed by.

It is pretty amazing that people can come up with so many innuendos and statements, with so few letters and numbers at their disposal.

They also have an Instagram page that highlights, the best and worst that we have to offer on the roads here in Maine.

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