RIP naughty Maine vanity plates. There are some doozies here folks, so keep in mind, that many of these are NSFW!

Now that the State of Maine has thrown the hammer down and issued some guidelines about what you can, and cannot have on your license plates, some people are happy, and some are kinda annoyed about it. I am the first to admit that I find some of them hysterical. On the other hand, some of the ones I have seen on the road, maybe push the boundaries of good taste.

A Reddit user named "Choganoga" posted a video from TikTok, which has an entire hashtag devoted to license plates. This video here is a salute and fond farewell to the more raunchy plates out there. The funniest part is that the guy sets a montage of these, set to the overly dramatic and haunting tune "Angel" by singer Sarah McLachlan, which now seems to be the go-to song for remembrance of things that have passed.

As you can imagine, the thread has some pretty amusing comments from Reddit users, most of which can't be posted here!


I have seen "Fartin" on the road holy hell lol


I also saw the glorious 'PorkButt' parked at the PetCo and I have to say, that one impressed me.


I work with TOESUCKR. A more recent photo of the back of his car would show you he is a man with no shame.


Dying to know what he does for work. Podiatry? Shoe salesman? Masseuse?


Tag yourself I'm 67PLUS2


I know it’s not as good as these gems but I saw POOPIE at my work the other day


I see gtapoop all the time


ASSMAN lives on my street so happy to see that


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I asked for OH FFS but apparently, it was taken ... thought about dropping the H but it just didn't seem right.

Enjoy the clip, and remember, many of these plates are not PG-rated!

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