A woman on TikTok made the claim that moms who like Taylor Swift are major "ick"

TikTok has made stars out of everyday ordinary people, just posting fun clips, and one woman from the Bath area has gained quite a bit of popularity for her creative videos and opinions.

Meredith Steele, who goes by babiesofsteele on TikTok, has an impressive 1.1 million followers, and her videos have over 43 million likes, so when she talks, people listen.

Meredith is a millennial mom, and unabashed "Swifite" who posted a video defending the honor of all things Taylor, saying that even though she is a mother, she loves Taylor because of the example she sets as a postive role model for young women.

She makes some pretty great points when responding to this "ick" statement, as you will see when you watch the clip.

As you can imagine, her followers had plenty to say on the subject:

Beautifully put!! This is the EXACT reason why my mom, a 67 yo executive, and myself, a 40 yo biochemist, love Taylor Swift

No daughters yet, but if I had one, Taylor Swift would be someone I would really like her to look up to

I’m 53, and a Swifty!! Say it louder!! (For us that are hard of hearing)

Older millennial who grew up with Paris, Nicole, Britney & Christina…all of this. I’m 10 years older than TS and she’s who I look up to.

I’m 43 and I worked thru the heartbreak of my teens and 20’s with Fiona Apple and Jewel. Taylor’s lyrics have brought me back to those memories and helped me heal all over again.

If you watch her Eras tour you can visibly see how much she loves and appreciates her band, back up singers and dancers. Like genuinely cares for them all. That’s what I love/admire and her songs

Well done, Meredith! If anyone gives you attitude about Taylor Swift, just "Shake It Off"!!!

A few summers ago, she made headlines when she put out a Venmo challenge to give "life-changing" donations to servers and wait staff at various Maine restaurants throughout the state.

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