Kid and Sarah Try to Contact Brewer Parks & Rec Department
Kid isn't sure what the deal is when it comes to the restrictions of the basketball court at this time, mid May 2020, so we took some time out of the show to connect with the people who would know the answer to that, Brewer Parks & Rec.
Z Morning Show: Sarah's Shame Shack for April 8, 2020
Today's edition shames Alton, Illinois where the mayor's wife was found at the local Tavern after her husband had issued a strict stay-at-home order. Maybe the town is just too tempting for those who need to get their 'social fix'. Maybe it needs to be more like our Alton- Alton,…
#tbt 'We Are Bangor' The Music Video!
If there ever is a sequel, we want in!
Let's take a trip to 2015 on this Throwback Thursday!
My whole life I have listened to people struggle with how say Ban-GOR the right way. Be it tourists, or everytime we are mentioned on the national news, or in movies and TV...

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