The reactions are priceless!

Nothing is more fun than watching people sample the most controversial soft drink of all time, Maine’s own Moxie. Folks all over the globe have dared to sample this polarizing treat with mixed reviews across the board, but when it happens in the state of Tennessee, it is really hysterical.

When Lauren and Ethan Preble were in "The Volenteer State", they were surpirsed to actually find Moxie soda there, so they figured why not conduct a taste test with the locals.

Much like our political divide, the results seem to be split right down the middle. You either love it or hate it. That’s why it is always entertaining to watch someone take a gulp for the first time, especially when they are from Tennessee.

Lauren's friends on TikTok had some thoughts on the video:

oh my goodness!! i’m so surprised you found it outside of maine! y’all need to come visit next year and go to the moxie festival!

Jerica Jean Eldridge
I would pay so much money for a moxie right now at 24 weeks pregnant

Ann T.
my all time FAVORITE!!!!

Did it burn going down?

I could mail you some !!

If you can't get enough Moxie in your life, each year, you can join Moxie lovers from Maine, the US and abroad, as they celebrate Maine's most famous beverage.

Since 1982, The Moxie Festival is held on the second weekend of July in Lisbon, Maine, with three days of wicked cool events bub!

We have rounded up a fresh new batch of videos of people doing their very own first time taste tests on TikTok and YouTube

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