Our favorite internet weather dude is back, and he says Thursday could get a little messy around here.

By now, you've heard of Frankie MacDonald. He is right on top of any and every storm, with the updates he publishes on his YouTube channel. You can't help but enjoy his infectious enthusiasm for messy weather, even if none of us want it.

We like to follow him and let people in on his forecasts whenever Maine has any kind of storm on the way, but since we had a fairly mild winter, he was pretty quiet, now that crappy weather has reared it's ugly head again...he's back.

According to Frankie, this upcoming mess will dump 12 to 24 inches of snow or more, especially in Northern Maine, he mentions the Lewiston area in particular, with some blowing and drifting snow joining the party..

He claims that the Bangor area could also see it mix with rain & snow, but the snowfall totals could be much less than certain parts of the state

Is this legit? Looking at the WABI-TV 5 predictions, it breaks down like this:

Thursday: Snow & wind, with 3-5 inches possible during the day

Thursday night: Snow with an accumulation of another inch possible.

Friday: Rain and snow changing to all rain

Friday night: Rain and snow showers

As always, our buddy Frankie is adamant about having your Samsung Galaxy Smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, smartphones, cell phones, laptops and tablets charged and having your 3G, 4G, 5G and LTE Internet ready.

When you are driving your car, take your time, and slow down. When you are walking be careful, so you don't slip and fall.

Have your furnaces ready to keep the house warm.

Drink lots of green tea, white tea, red tea to stay warm.

Have extra blankets ready to Keep warm. And of course, have your shovels, snow scoops, snowblowers, snowplows and salt trucks ready.

Got all that? We'd say "enjoy the storm" but that would just be mean.

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