Raise a glass to our friends at Channel 5!

We have been very fortunate to have a great relationship with the good people at WABI for many, many years. People like Tim Throckmorton, Craig Colson, and of course, the great Todd Simcox, are local legends around these parts, and they are three personal friends of mine, whom I was lucky to enough to meet from my time here at Townsquare Media.

They have supplied us with a lot of laughs and great memories over the last two decades plus, and have been a huge supporter of our Free The Z Turkey Drive every year. I can't even imagine doing the Z Morning Show everyday without Todd. He kicks things up a notch, and we all love that big, hearty laugh we get out of him each morning.

Little known fact, WABI-TV was the first television station in Maine. It began broadcasting on January 25, 1953, and was owned by the Community Broadcasting Service, which was founded in 1949 by former Maine Governor Horace Hildreth when he purchased WABI radio.

Here are some fun facts:

In 1953 gas cost 29-cents a gallon. You could buy a car for less than $1,900. Minimum wage was 75-cents an hour. That gives you an appreciation for just how long they have been on the air on Hildreth Street!

WABI often earns more viewership than their competitors, they also offer the most live newscasts originating from Bangor. They are completely locked into everything that is happening here in our community, and their friendship is greatly appreciated.

Check some great video from years past from our friends at WABI. Here is to another 71 years of great local TV. Happy Birthday!

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