Maine's Top 20 Trending Topics of 2020
We took a look at the topics that trended here in the State of Maine for the whole year of 2020 and compiled a list as a sort of walk down the memory lane of 2020 which shows what us Mainers chose to know more about during a hell of year.
DIRECTV Drops Bangor’s WLBZ Channel 2
The media gods have hit close to home here in Bangor and are at it once again, arguing over money and distribution, and you the consumer will literally pay the price, if you even care.
If You Missed Kid, Sarah & Todd On Election 'Snow Day'
The Z Morning Show with Kid & Sarah gets you up and moving, weekdays from 6-9!
On this snowy Election Day, Todd reminded us that in 2014, there were 10 inches of snow on the ground here in the Bangor area, after a big storm just days before we went to the polls.

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