From Freedom, Maine, to all across the country!

During the winter, The Lost Kitchen is closed for the season, so Chef Erin French ventures out on a cross-country road trip to discover new ingredients and fresh inspiration for another season of cooking at the restaurant.

The season premiere of "Getting Lost with Erin French", debuted yesterday on the Magnolia Network and it also available to stream on Max.

In the first episode, Erin French and Michael Dutton hit the road in search of culinary inspiration and adventure! They leave the snow behind and head south to New Orleans.

The Lost Kitchen, located at 22 Mill Street, in Freedom, Maine, is a pretty remarkable success story. This place is a foodie's dream come true, so much so, that it has become something of a phenomenon.

Incredibly, the restaurant has a capacity of only 48 seats and is so inundated with requests for reservations, that you have to send a postcard to have a shot at getting a table.

Since they are only open from May to October, this is not an easy task. Diners are chosen through a random drawing. It is also popular, because of the beautiful location in Freedom, its unique cuisine, and farm-to-table dinners that have drawn raves from people all over the world.

Their brand new farmers’ market is opening for the season. You can join them at The Lost Kitchen, every Tuesday from 11 am-2 pm, to enjoy the new outdoor market filled with the freshest Maine produce, straight from some of their favorite farmers and makers.

In addition to 20 vendors, the home shop will be open, in addition to the wine shop.

They open for the 2024 Season, on Tuesday, June 25th!

Erin's backstory is incredible. In 2013, she entered rehab to treat an addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs. At the time, she was in a troubled first marriage, which resulted in divorce, a bitter custody battle for her son, and the loss of her first restaurant, which makes her smashing success even more impressive.

French detailed these struggles in her book "Finding Freedom: A Cook's Story; Remaking a Life from Scratch"

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