Our buddy Todd Simcox had a very Clark Griswold-like moment on live TV!

There is truly nothing like live television. Sure, you could make the case that being on the radio every morning is the same thing, but there is something extra special about it when it's on TV. For one thing, no one can see my face when I say something dumb on the air (which is pretty much every day) that's why it makes me laugh even harder when it happens on the boob tube.

First off, let's begin by saying that we love Todd, and are just poking a little fun here, albeit at his expense.

When our friends at WABI TV-5 decided to bring back their Thanksgiving Day cooking segment, they may not have been as prepared as they thought they were.

Since air fryers are all the rage these days, why not put a turkey in one? Well, that can be a problem when the bird is too big!

In theory, it sounded pretty good: Air fryer turkey, green bean casserole, fried deviled eggs, apple pie bombs, and slow cooker bread. Sounds pretty good right?

Putting a turkey that weighed less than 9 pounds into the fryer turned out to be an issue, but Todd decided to jam the thing in there anyway. The fun really started, when co-host, Joy Hollowell, alerted him that the appliance was smoking, wackiness then ensued. Lesson learned.

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