Hang in there Maine, we will get through this!

It has been a wild beginning to the work week, to say yesterday was intense, would be an understatement.

With heavy rains and pounding winds, a good chuck of the state of Maine descended into darkness yesterday, and the storm brought down tree limbs, power lines, and all sorts of debris.

As thousands remain without power today, crews from Versant and Central Maine Power, begin the long task of restoration. Last night the winds were just too dangerous to send people up in the buckets to asses problems, so today the hard work is underway to get everything back to normal.

It may have put a damper on activities like Christmas shopping, but if we can be thankful for one thing, it's that the temperature never got below freezing, otherwise we would have been starting down the barrel of another "Ice Storm of 98" situation, and if you can remember, that was no party.

I personally was not prepare for this level of storm activity in the last 24 hours, but that's the thing about Maine..."If you don't like weather, wait 5 minutes"

You can keep up to date on what your situation is regarding your electricity, by taking an up to minute look at the outage and restoration maps from both Versant, and Central Maine Power.

Versant Outage Map

Central Maine Power Outage Map

Stay safe, patient, and let these hard working folks get out there and do their job, and fingers crossed, the lights will be on, and Netflix will be streaming in no time!

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