The other day, I was complaining about shoveling. We had a snow storm that dumped tons of heavy wet fluffy stuff all over us and it was beautiful but extremely exhausting.

Did I mention it was painful too? I felt like I blew out both of my hips and even downward dog wouldn't help. By the time I came inside, it was dark, my hair was frozen, I couldn't feel my toes, my phone was drenched, and I lost one of my air pods.

This all started because I had to shovel. But with shoveling comes so many other annoying reactions. It's like a waterfall of winter annoyances that never go away.

After I was finished my shoveling for the night, a few hours later, I noticed a plow truck coming towards my house. It was getting closer and closer to my street. The fear in my stomach was slowly building because I knew it he plowed on my road he would create a huge mountain of snow at the end of my driveway which would again, snow our cars in.

That is exactly what happened. Maine is a hard place to survive in and we have every right to complain that in one day I felt like I broke every bone in my body just to shovel my driveway and then re-shovel it again.

Frustration and complaining is a result of a lot of things that happen in the winter time in Maine. Whether it's shoveling, bad drivers, cold/flu season, we all have a lot to complain about.

Even though we have strong backbones because of our harsh winters we have even more of a right to complain about wintertime.

Check out what we're all complaining about this winter! Do you also complain about the same things?

Here's 30 Things Mainers Always Complain About During the Winter!

30 Things Mainers Always Complain About During the Winter.

Check out the list below of 30 things that Mainers complain about during the winter.

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