I smell a rematch!

Spring arrived last Saturday, and as I drove down Parkway South in Brewer yesterday on my way home, I passed the beautiful basketball courts right by Pendelton Street, and all of a sudden I was inspired.

I remember when everything shut down a year ago, including parks and most importantly to me, basketball hoops around town, I kept thinking, geez, if I could go shoot around everyday, I could get fresh air, sunlight, I could stay fit, and I could be outdoors, instead of sitting at home and binge watching television. But alas, the cities of Bangor, and Brewer put their foot down, and things remained closed for months. By this point in time, everyone was working from home, so that meant that I would never run into anyone that I would normally see, including my pal, and frequent Z Morning Show punching bag, Chris Popper. In fact, I can count on both hands the number of times I have seen him in the last 12 boring months. So as I drove by the court yesterday, an old memory made me smile, and I want to revisit it as soon as possible.

When he's not screaming like a madman doing play-by-play for the MDI Trojans on the flamethrower of Downeast Maine, WDEA radio, Popper has some mad b-ball skills. I mean, who else could single handedly bring back the granny shot?

Back in June of 2015, we decided we should play a game of "Horse", except we called it "Oh Hi", which is of course Popper's now legendary catch phrase. The results on the video speak for themselves, but as we approach the five year anniversary of this beat down, I think this summer, when we are both vaccinated and ready to roll, it would be the perfect time to do it again, except this time we will play "Oh Covid".

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