Lots of stuff happens on the Z Morning Show with Kid and Sarah. Here's what to do to make sure you don't miss anything.

First things first: Make sure you have our free app. It's where you can listen to us anytime, anywhere (and even send us a message.) It's where we tell you about all sorts of stuff going on at the station and around Bangor. It's where we give you chances to win concert tickets, dinners out, cash money and everything else we love to give our listeners.

Anyways, here's where to get our app for Android and for Apple.

Next: Make sure you're getting our Z Morning Show app alerts. That way, Kid and Sarah can let you know when they're up to something. Once you've opened the app ...

  1. Select "Settings"
  2. Select "Alert Settings"
  3. Opt in to alerts from the "Z107.3 Morning Show with Kid & Sarah." You can select only the alerts you want to receive. As you can see below, we selected all the alerts. They're all good!
Z107.3 app
Z107.3 app

Once you've done that, you'll start to receive alerts from us, and that, dear listener, is how to keep up with the Z Morning Show.

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