Remember when our little catchphrase made it all the way to New York City?

Four years ago this week back in 2016, then Z Morning Show co-host Sabrina, took a trip to New York, and was luck enough to get tickets to see Live! At that time it was Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan hosting the show, before Ryan Seacrest jumped aboard. In fact this particular day was notable, because right after the broadcast, Strahan announced he was leaving for ABC's "Good Morning America".

So shortly after the show ended that day, Sabrina was lucky enough to pull Kelly Ripa aside to film a quick video with her daughter. She then proceeded to ask Kelly if she would blurt out Chris Popper's immortal line "Oh, hi", with a Bangor shout out thrown it for good measure.

Ever wondered where it came from? It all started back in 2006, when Chris cut a commercial for Vision Care of Maine, where he played a concert pianist (don't ask) who has terrible eyesight. The idea of this was so absurd to me, one of our employees took a few of his lines from the ad and put them on something we call a "hot key" which means I can easily click my mouse in the studio and play it whenever I like, and boy have I ever!

Check out the video of Sarah and I, calling Chris up live on the air and giving him grief about his acting performance in the commercial. Gotta hand it to him, because much like "Boobar To Boobar", it has inspired T-shirts, license plates and only god knows what else. It has also morphed into "Oh,bye" and if Popper was a ghost of course, it would be "Oh, boo"

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