The holiday season is nearly here and the Hallmark Channel has a whole bunch of holiday movies to play over and over even before the month of October finishes up.  But, let's be honest, Kid of the Z Morning Show will end up binge watching and see every one of these movies.

Kid and Sarah's Hallmark Holiday movie obsession continues into 2019 as they play the 'Fill-In-The-Blank Hallmark Holiday Movie Titles" game.  It may be a long winded title but the game is always fun and always leaving you wanting more.

Listen as Kid and Sarah chat about the absurd movie plots, formulaic title names and mention the  H-list stars in these holiday classic movies.

Can't get enough of the Hallmark Holiday movie extravaganza?  Well, listen in as Kid and Sarah quiz each other tomorrow when they must decipher the real from the fake Hallmark Holiday Movie plots.

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