The holiday season is nearly here and the Hallmark Channel has a whole bunch of holiday movies to play over and over starting Friday.

Kid and Sarah continue to explore the world of the 2019 Hallmark Holiday movie season by reviewing several plot lines and judging whether the plot is a real Hallmark Holiday movie or a fake, made-up plot line.

Kid and Sarah's Hallmark Holiday movie obsession continues as this is a follow-up to a recent game in which Kid was to 'Fill-In-The-Blank' for real Hallmark Holiday movie titles for this year's movies.

Listen as Kid quizzes Sarah on which of these Hallmark Holiday Movie plot lines are real or fake.  Can you tell?

Check out yesterday's quiz and see if you can fill-in-the-blank of the missing word in these Hallmark Holiday movie titles.  Just gotta think Christmas and you'll be good ;)

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