Kid and Sarah are very excited to share our Maine Association of Broadcaster's Award for the Z Morning Show that they won this year.

Thank you to WABI TV5 Meterologist Todd Simcox, who's name is also included on the plaque, for actually retrieving the award in Augusta.

In order to submit for this award, the Maine Association of Broadcaster's selects one day for radio stations to send in a 10 minute recording of that day's broadcast.  Here is what we sent in and what got us second place out of all of the radio shows who submitted from the State of Maine.


In this clip, you'll be able to recognize Todd Simcox, a regular and popular presence of the Z Morning Show, as well as different listeners calling in, including Debbie from the woods of Prentice, Maine.

Sarah and Kid are so appreciative of the recognition and really enjoy being a part of your morning in the Bangor area.

Here's to more fun mornings in the Queen City and beyond!

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