This morning, Sarah shared a story that resonated with all of Eastern Maine when she ripped her favorite pair of pants last night.  This story led to most of the Bangor area dialing in or Facebook messaging the Kid and Sarah to share their embarrassing "pant ripping" stories.

Here's how it all went down.

Like we said lots of stories shared from the listeners.  Here's what we got messaged to us on Facebook and left anonymous to keep the embarrassing stories private.


"Regarding ripped pants, It happened to me once at work. At the time, I was working 3rd shift at Old Town Canoe... a large majority of my coworkers were men, there were 3 of us women, if I remember correctly, compared to 20+ men. I wore some jeans that I had for many years, they were my most broken-in, comfy jeans. When tragedy struck, the jeans ripped straight up the seam from crotch to tailbone. I was wearing thongs.... u can imagine my humiliation! It took 20 mins in the bathroom and half a roll of duct tape, but I continued the rest of my shift. When I got home, the worst part was trying to get the pants off, as the dict tape had managed to be attached to my skin just as much as the pants!"


"When I Lived in Hampton NH, I lived in a HUGE apartment complex, with 6 buildings, as well as being right on Route 1. One morning I was leaving for work, slipped on ice and fell down the cement stairs. I looked around to see it anyone saw me, I didn't see anyone. I cleaned my car off and drove to work, I work with adults with intellectual disabilities. I walked into work and bent over to take my boots off and my coworkers noticed I had a huge hole in my pants. My manager made me wear 'extra' pajamas that were in the house all day. A few days later I was getting home from work and a very fine looking gentleman was holding the door to the apartment building. He says, "I put some salt down so you don't fall again" I was MORTIFIED that he saw me, and also a little mad he didn't tell me I ripped my pants before I left for work."


"I'm a grown adult and ripped my pants at the Orono Trampoline park in front of a whole section of children and parents. I fell to the ground and crawled to the back of the room "


"Being a teacher my kiddos asked if I used to play any sports.  I said I used to be a cheerleader.  They say SHOW US.  I do a cheering jump and ripped my pants right in the classroom right in front of them ‍♀️
Ya I was sent home for the day!"

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