Maine Center for Disease Control Director, Dr. Nirav Shah, joined the Z Morning Show with Kid and Sarah this morning to talk about the 'Keep It Maine' initiative.

The 'Keep It Maine' plan is what us Mainers have been practicing since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic- practicing social distancing, covering our faces and washing our hands- with the initiative to help reduce the transmission of the novel coronavirus.

This plan has helped our state to keep transmission low throughout much of the year.

The initiative is being addressed again as we are in the height of the holiday season, when indoor gathering and household mingling has resulted in a rapid increase of new COVID-19 cases statewide.

Even though we are still faring much better than other states in the nation and a COVID vaccine is being strategically rolled out to small pockets of Mainers throughout the state, it is still important to remind ourselves to continue practicing the important behaviors - covering your face, washing your hands, distancing- that helped our state in the beginning of the pandemic and what to keep in mind during the holiday season.

Our goal has always been to keep Maine healthy, keep our businesses going and keep our kids in school.  A reminder of this initiative and why this initiative is important is what will get us through the tough days of the pandemic, which is why Dr. Shah joined the Z Morning Show today.

During the conversation, Dr. Shah reminds the people of Maine to continue to social distance, the proven science of how face coverings protect you and what to know about the vaccination plan.

And, of course, Kid and Sarah can't help themselves with a few unique Dr. Shah references, including quoting Prince, his Diet Coke habit and maybe rick rolling a rick roller.

Listen now!

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