This week we had some tickets to give away on the Z Morning Show that brought about a super fun way to win fun things to do in the Bangor area!

We had tickets for 'The Office - a Musical" happening at the Collins Center this weekend and thought we would ask trivia questions of our listening audience, hoping to get some die hard fans to call in and win some tickets to the show.  And, they did not disappoint.

Take a listen and see if you can answer our 'The Office' trivia questions while hearing our listeners be quizzed.  Be impressed by the level of competence our audience has in Office trivia.

Of course, we had to get the questions from somewhere.  Here's where we got some of our questions- when Billie Eilish got quizzed by Rainn Wilson or Dwight from 'The Office'.  Apparently, Billie is a HUGE 'Office' fan.  Watch her squirm, geek out and answer successfully!

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