The Z Morning Show explored an interesting event that occured in Sarah's household last night.

Around 9:30 PM, Sarah's husband, James, went to take a pee in the main level bathroom.  Upon opening the lid of the toilet, a dead squirrel was discovered in the bowl.

How did it happen?  Is the toilet haunted now?  How did it get disposed of? And, what does it mean?

Kid, Sarah and Todd discusses the squirrely event and gets listeners in on the conversation as we discuss the oddity of a squirrel found in a toilet bowl in Sarah's house.

One listener told us the story of her grandmother's apparent meeting of a squirrel in her toilet bowl.

Screenshots via Z107.3 Facebook
Screenshots via Z107.3 Facebook

Z listener, Melissa Leino Emerton dm'd the Z107.3 with her grandmother's story:

That happened to my grandmother a few years ago.  When she reached down to wipe she saw eyes looking at her through the water... but the squirrel was alive.

After the screams stopped, my dad shoved his foot in the toilet to drown him.

My grandfather was too busy laughing on the floor.

Another listener, a plumber, gave us more insight on this situation.

Screenshots via Z107.3 Facebook
Screenshots via Z107.3 Facebook

Another Z listener, Timothy Davis dm'd the Z107.3 with his insight as a professional who has had experience dealing with this odd situation:

Being a plumber in the Bangor area I've seen red squirrels come up through toilet drains.  Sarah is right that it likely came from the vent pipe, but its not from following light.

It's looking for water... and gets stuck in the toilet bowl.


Take a listen as Kid, Sarah and Todd talk about the squirrel in the toilet situation.

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