The Z Morning Show came across an unusual story yesterday that had Kid, Todd and Sarah talking about an odd profession.

Professional cuddling.  That's right- someone paid to hold you.

The reported on Kassandra Brown, a mom who spoons people for a living...  and, who makes $26,000 a year doing so.

Check out our interview with her this morning as we cover why she's a professional cuddler, how one becomes a professional cuddler and, most importantly, how do you deal with client with BO as a professional cuddler.

Kassandra explains in our interview a little about the core of professional cuddling:

"There is so much anger out there.  There’s so much, um… When I had my kids, as well, the article talks about that… that when I had my kids I was like, ‘Wait, human beings really need to be held.’  That’s part of- that’s how we evolved.  We evolved to be really close to other humans, to be tribal and so, yeah, I can’t make us all tribal- I don’t know that we would want to be.  Having a safe place to be held to get their connection needs met, um- and some of my favorite clients are ones who did not as kids get held, there’s abuse and neglect as a child.  There’s abuse and neglect in relationships.  So, these people don’t have touch in their bodies as a safe thing."

To see more about what Kassandra does, check out her Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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