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WhaZ NewZ is Z107.3’s weekly video about the hot topics of the week including hot topics of the moment with hyper focus on what’s going on in and around Bangor, the state of Maine or general enough to talk about the buzzing topic going on socially nationwide or around the world. Join hosts and Z107.3 DJs, Sarah and J Stew, in fun banter with the Z community. If you are a business or organization that would like to be a part of a future WhaZ NewZ, either through sponsorship or topic, contact our sales team.

1st Annual Grazzie Award Winners [RESULTS]
Now that the Grammy Awards had their 15 minutes, it's now time to announce the winners for the Grazzies- the awards that combine the musical artists of the Grammy's and the fun spirit of the Razzies into one, under produced and underappreciated award show.

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