Well, well, well....

I always dread this time of year.... Daylight Saving Time is once again upon us. Sarah pretty much hates it too. Though, not for the same reasons as me. We're lucky. Our day job doesn't really require us to do a lot of hard work on the weekends. So "losing" an hour of sleep doesn't really affect us.

But I reeeeeeally hate the fact that it's dark again when I get out of bed. Like, this morning, it was bright and cheery, and the birds were singing, but come this weekend, it'll be dark again in the early morning. The only saving grace is that it'll be nice and light out when I drive home from work.

We try to give you some nice, solid background info on the subject, but Sarah rambled so long, we had to condense it a bit. I've never seen someone talk so fast! And you'll also discover Coldplay's connection to DST. That's proof-positive right there that DST sucks.

So as the week drags on, just remember that it's one hour shorter than last week. That's something right?

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