Yo yo yo....

It's J Stew. The 'What Women Want' expo is coming to the Cross Insurance Center on March 9th, and naturally, Sarah will be there that day. She'll be hanging out with all you lovely ladies, and having a blast with the festivities.

But after having a brief conversation, we came to the conclusion I know little to nothing about what women may actually want. So Sarah put together a sweet little quiz for me to take, based on a bunch of photos sent in from you guys. Or gals. AND..... as incentive, we have some Florida-Georgia Line tickets for one lucky viewer. So, you'll have to watch all the way to the end to see if you won!

And of course, in this quiz I fail pretty miserably. Big surprise there, I'm sure. But I swear.... I tried reeeeeeal hard.

Anyhoo... Don't miss 'What Women Want' at the Cross Insurance Center on March 9th. There's gonna be fashionista stuff, makeup stuff, house stuff, and more! And don't forget the Decadent Dessert Tasting! $5 and you get to sample from like 8 different locally sourced desserts. Oh, and the best part of the whole expo? It's 100% FREE to get into. Free rules!

So anyway, enjoy the highly embarrassing video, and try to take a moment to feel a little bit bad for me, as I was totally out of my element. Meh... Who are we kidding?

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