Hello boys and ghouls.....

Sarah and I took it upon ourselves to take a drive all around the greater Bangor are to check out various neighborhoods to see if we could come up with where the best trick or treating spots might be. We also put it up on Facebook so you guys could weigh in with your opinions as well.

We had some very specific criteria for judging the different locations.

  • Housing density
  • Amount of street lights / how well it was lit
  • SidewalksRoad safety
  • Halloween decorations
  • Parking/ room for safe vehicle travel

Where did we head to?  Some of the best spots in the area to bring the littles for a fun night of candy collecting!

  • Chickadee Crossing in Hampden
  • Judson Heights in Bangor
  • Little City in Bangor
  • Sherwood Forest in Hampden
  • Tree Streets in Bangor
  • Bangor Gardens

Check it out!

Interestingly, almost all of you that responded to our informal survey, agreed that the Maple Street area of Bangor, was the best place to do your Halloween-ing. Sarah and I went there last, not thinking y'all were wrong, but we had some spots we wanted to check out. But by the time we actually got around to Maple Street, we were pretty much blown away. It literally fit all the bills for being wicked awesome.

We also choose our Facebook Comment of the Week from Sheila Davis, who had the following to add to our riveting Facebook conversation:

Screenshot of Z107.3 via Facebook
Screenshot of Z107.3 via Facebook

In the end our scoring ended up as follows, which shows a few clear standouts when it comes to trick-or-treating here in the Bangor area:

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

We had a blast filming this and checking out our best neighborhoods for the most fun night of the year!  Stay safe and stay cool, Bangor, for this Halloween!

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