Get the kids a little pizza pie before the sugar overload begins!

Halloween is here, and so is Trick-or-Treating time! Even though there was a little frost on the pumpkin this morning, it looks like a perfect day to get out and hit the streets to grab some candy. Temps look to be in the upper to mid 30's during prime candy collecting hours, but maybe something hot would be nice.

Sure you could have the kiddos collect a bag full of Snickers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Starburst, and other mouth watering treats, or you could go in a completely different direction.

The little ones in costume who stop by one of the three Jasons's Pizza locations starting at 4pm on today, will get a FREE 8” bambino cheese pizza!

This offer is available while supplies last, you must have the kids in costume to enjoy the offer, also it is for those under 12 years of age, and will be available for walk in guests only.

Jason's Pizza has recently opened a third location, at 340 Stillwater Avenue in Bangor, where they serve delicious pizza, pasta, salads and sandwiches for everyone to enjoy.

Since 1997, Jason's Pizza has been a mainstay in the community, since 1997, with stores at 373 Wilson Street in Brewer, and at 1147 Outer Hammond Street, in Bangor, in addition to the just added Stillwater Ave. store.

Happy Halloween! Be safe, have fun tonight, and if the mood strikes, enjoy a free pizza today.

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