Hey boys and girls!!!

So it is tourney time once again for the Bangor area. Sarah and I were talking about how interesting it is that Bangor really kind of comes alive during tourney season. It's almost like Bangor becomes everyone's honorary home town.

You've got different teams coming from all corners of the state for their own Big Games. And all of us that grew up anywhere near here, have a some sort of story, or many stories, about time spent at the old Bangor Auditorium. I felt like I used to know just about every square inch of that building... One of the many reasons I was kinda sad when the original auditorium was torn down.

But here we are again, in the beautiful Cross Insurance Center, in the absolute throes of tourney time. Rivalries will abound, great defeats will be suffered. But there will also be the ruckus joy of a few fortunate teams bringing home Gold Balls to their schools to display in the trophy case.

And we'll all enjoy a bit of nostalgia. Even if you don't have kids on any of the teams, get out and enjoy a game. These young men and women will likely remember their time spent on the court for the rest of their lives. And watching young folks make lasting memories is a great reason to get out of the house.

So good luck, Bangor. And everyone else too!

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