So today is the big day.... Valentine's Day. For some couples, like my wife and me, it doesn't really mean that much. We might mention it in passing, but when you've been married as long as we have, it's just not that high on our agenda. Whereas, Sarah's husband showed up with balloons, candy, and all the fixins'.

So biiiiig shout out to James Nickerson for making me look like a complete loser in the husband department. Show off....

But, we sort of went through all the typical scenarios for how Valentine's Day goes for a lot of people. There's always the big, lofty plans. But they're usually coupled with cold, harsh reality. So we decided with our infinite wisdom, we'd share our insights with you about how it all goes down.

Otherwise, just try to enjoy the day in whatever fashion makes the most sense for you, and your special someone. Even if you are your own special someone.

Stay lovey, Bangor!

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