Hello! J Stew here at the trusty keyboard, thinking about how many times I almost bashed my nose off the steering wheel the other day when Sarah and I went joyriding around Bangor, checking out some not-so-sweet potholes. We had our own ideas of where some were, but we also took the question to Facebook, so y'all could weigh in on which ones you thought were the worst.

Now, to be fair, it seems like we might have had better luck if we went out last week. Because thankfully, public works crews have been out in force, trying to take care of all the swiss cheese roads we have out there. So, when exploring some of your ideas, we would go to these spots, just to find that public works had beaten us there! So the good news is, a lot of you sent in ideas, and seemingly, a lot of you have much nicer roads than you did last week.

But still, we kept at it, and discovered the most mammoth, monster-sized hole of all in the Birch Hill Estates neighborhood. Your car would split in two if you hit this demon mouth at anything more than like 5mph. And even then, you'd hit rock bottom like a 1980's Robert Downey Jr.

So watch where we go in this video, and avoid some of these spots. Well, at least avoid hitting them with your car, or you will regret it!

But otherwise, stay cool Bangor!

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