Hey, kids!  J Stew and Sarah here!

We are getting ready to start Daylight Savings Time this Sunday at 2 AM.

Spring forward and all that jazz.

It's become an awkward necessity in this modern age and we're wondering, do we really still need this archaic time adjustment?

Why do we have it?

Doing some research online, I came across some information from National Geographic on the subject

It started in 1895 with some guy from New Zealand named George Hudson proposing the two hour shift so he’d have more sunlight during the summer evenings to do work. But, forget that guy, we’re just giving him credit… because, the concept wasn’t really a thing until 1902 when a British guy, William Willett (yes, the very one that is the great-great grandfather of Chris Martin of Coldplay… did you even have to ask?), proposed the idea to the English Parliament as a way to prevent the nation from wasting daylight.

Despite his status as Chris Martin’s great-great grandfather, Parliament didn’t go with it.

Then, during World War I, the German’s started thinking of ways to conserve energy, remembered Chris Martin’s great-great grandfather’s idea and, then, put the concept into action. Because of the war and the German’s taking on the new time concept, every country involved in World War I had to follow suit… including the United States on March 9, 1918.

That’s also the date when the U.S. set the time zones, too. HISTORY, PEOPLE!

Now, we’ve seen Maine have bills proposed to eliminate the archaic time disruption and, frankly, Maine is not alone in the debate. Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and other states have things in the works.

So why haven’t we already changed? Because all the eastern state’s who want to eliminate Daylight Saving Time would change to Atlantic Standard Time all year round and would have to do so in a coordinated effort with other states. It’s the coordinated effort that’s holding us back from eliminating Daylight Saving Time here in Maine.

It's in the works but, it'll take some time... more than the speed of sound, right, Chris Martin?

This being our topic of conversation this week on WhaZ NewZ, we want to know...

Do you think we should eliminate Daylight Savings Time?  Vote below and we'll let you know the results in this week's WhaZ NewZ video, published on YouTube, here on the Z107.3 website and on Facebook on Friday.


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