Dude guy / gal....J. Stew here....That time of the week has come upon us once again where Sarah and I discuss all sorts of awesomely bizarre things that happened here and around Maine. This week may even go a bit off the rails at points, but that's what we do best!

First off, Maine truck driver Brandon Louk was driving through the Jonesport area last week and caught an amazing photo of what looks like a tornado, but according to our weatherman-in-the-know, Todd Simcox, it's actually a hail bomb. That doesn't sound any less terrifying to me personally, but hey, I'm just a big wuss behind a keyboard.

Second, we go to Facebook Marketplace to check out a wildly overpriced insect nest. Since then, the price has come down substantially and become potentially affordable to anyone who may want it. check out the link here.

And lastly, we explore the world of june bugs as food.  Croutons of the sky, they're called. I want to believe they're yummy, but we'll have to wait and see. There will likely be a follow up video of us cooking some of the little critters up and seeing if they're legitimately delicious. Stay tuned for that in the coming weeks....

Which will of course lead us into our Facebook Comment of the Week from Maxine White, who is totally scared of the june bugs, and is not afraid to show it on social media.

And, as always, lots of funny, weird, crazy, odd, strange, and completely zany commentary from Sarah and me. (I used correct grammar there...look it up!)

Stay cool, Bangor......wicked cool.....


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