I've seen some funky things on Facebook Marketplace since it began.

A few years back, I saw a woman selling her bras on Facebook Marketplace. And at the time, I thought someone would have to get pretty creative to outdo selling your unwanted under-garments online to the highest bidder.

Then recently, I saw a post trying to sell what looks like a stinging insect nest hanging in their garage or barn. I never would've thought to sell such a thing, but I am beginning to re-think my stance on it. I remember a post once where a dude was looking to get $400 for this nest. $400!! I thought to myself, is there even a market for people who would want a nest like this?

This price seems more reasonable.

When I searched on Marketplace specifically for insect nests, I found this one for $40. Maybe one of these two has a typo. Are they realistically $40 or $400? I wonder if that person ever got $400 for their nest. If so, this person might be missing out on some big bucks. Check this one out...

Gwen Hawes via Facebook Marketplace
Gwen Hawes via Facebook Marketplace

But again, why would you want to buy an old bee's nest anyway? Where would you put it? What would keep it from just fraying apart over the years and disintegrating? I guess they are pretty cool to look at, but with my luck, it would not be nearly as dormant as I'd like. I'd probably end up stung in the face.

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide. I'm not judging anyone who would want one of these nightmare makers, but my lord, definitely make sure there's nothing still buzzing around inside. Until then though, I'm just gonna keep looking for crappy drums and old records on Marketplace.

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