Yes, it's technically #ThrowbackThursday, but this is a rare clip we are showing you for the first time.

There is truly nothing like live television. Sure, you could make the case that being on the radio every morning is the same thing, but there is something extra special about it when it's on TV. For one thing, no one can see my stupid face when I say something dumb on the air (which is pretty much everyday) that's why it makes me laugh even harder when it happens on the boob tube.

For many, many years, we have had our daily conversation with WABI TV-5's Todd Simcox, right around 7:10 each weekday on The Z Morning Show, and over the course of time we have came up with several nicknames for him. There was "Captain Underpants" "High Profile", or as we call it "HP", while I was "Prime Time", or "PT". Let's not forget, Meteorologist Tad Windy, Tad Cooler, Les Humid, and Barry Sweaty. Perhaps the best of all, is my personal favorite, "Turd Simcox" That one has really stuck over the years. so much so that it apparently got stuck in the head of one, Wayne Harvey, who currently is the morning show host of our sister station, 92.9 The Ticket.

Back when this faux pas happened, Wayne was the anchor of the morning edition of the Channel 5 news, and one day in 2018, after Todd did his forecast and sent it back to Wayne, a delightful live blooper occurred, and he has shared it with me, and now, I share it with all of you. Thanks Turd, indeed.


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