We've all faced some of the stresses of flying. From feeling like you didn't pack everything you need to lines at the ticketing counter to passing through TSA checkpoints. A few hours at the airport can be exhausting. So perhaps a recent find at a security checkpoint in the Bangor International Airport was simply an oversight, a slip of the mind, someone just not thinking straight. What it ends up being for everyone else is a stark reminder.

You Shouldn't Even Consider Bringing Replicas Of Weapons Or Explosives On Flights

Shared on Twitter by TSA_New England, someone attempted to pass what appeared to be grenades through a TSA checkpoint at the Bangor International Airport recently. Naturally, the grenades were flagged for further inspection and after that further inspection were deemed to be fake. But the TSA shared this on their Twitter account as a reminder that fake or not, any docile or fake replicas of explosive devices are strictly prohibited in both carry-on luggage as well as any checked bags. If you're desperate to get these kind of replicas from point A to point B, there are other ways to go about it.

Are There Penalties For Bringing These Types Of Replicas To Checkpoints?

The answer is yes. The TSA has the authority to impose fines on individuals that bring legitimate weapons/explosives as well as realistic replicas like the ones pictured above. Those fines can be substantial, as much as $13,000 per incident. The TSA can also fine individuals who attempt to obstruct at checkpoints as well.

Are Incidents Like This Common In Maine?

They are not common in Maine airports but they do serve as a reminder to reeducate yourself on what you can and can't pack in your bags before reaching a TSA checkpoint.

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