The Class of 2020 has had quite the year. Like the rest of us, it was like one day we woke up and everything was different. Unfortunately for the grads, they're missing out on many milestones, including a traditional graduation.

High Schools across the state have been looking for creative ways to honor these students. Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School, for example, will be holding their graduation at the Bridgton Twin Drive-in Theater, according to News Center Maine.

Morse High School located in Bath found a unique location in Wiscasset; the airport.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the cars will line up, socially distant, with the students and their families in their own vehicles.

The parents and graduates will still get to experience the traditional sending off speeches via a radio transmitter.

While it may not be the graduation the students or their families envisioned, I think it's wonderful that Morse High School put together something so unique. Even though the students will be socially distant, it's an opportunity to be present with the now young adults they have grown up with for such an incredible milestone.

I look forward to hearing about more graduation alternatives being announced in the coming days and weeks. Congratulations, Class of 2020. You deserve every ounce of recognition and praise.

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