I may have mentioned before that my mom is a dance teacher. Now, what that means for those who don't know, is that I grew up in a world of sequins, tu-tus and a deep appreciation for the artform of all things dance related. My mom made sure my siblings and I were always exposed to the performing arts in some way, shape or form. But dance, well, we kind of grew up with it all around us. She had also, in her youth, been a stewardess and spent time traveling abroad. Because of this, we were also exposed to all sorts of different cultures-through family friends and stories she would tell us. So it's really no wonder that when she first found out, years ago, about the International Dance Festival at the University of Maine, she dragged anyone and everyone who would go with her to see it. And she RAVED about it, and made it a point to return, year after year, often with her young students in tow. To hear her describe it, it's nothing short of a spectacular display of dance from around the globe. The music, the outfit and the dances are all amazing. And you can see it all, for free, right at the University!

This year's International Dance Festival will take place Saturday February 16th from 2-4 at the Collins Center for the Arts on the Umaine Orono campus. Again, it's a free event, open to the public, and there's general seating. So if you want to see something my mom says is AMAZING, especially if you have young ones who are fans of dance, this is probably something you should check out!

Credit: Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images