You could spend a month watching burnout videos on YouTube from across the globe. Some of them are impressive and others are downright embarrassing. But a lot of those videos have tons of views because people are drawn to a car raising a little hell on the roadways. Of course, there is a bit of problem if you plan to execute a burnout on a public roadway or in a residential neighborhood, the cops may be watching. In fact, the cops may show up mid-burnout. If you don't believe that, this video shared on Facebook by Brock Benedix is proof that knowing your surroundings is vital.

The burnout starts so confidently, with the driver finding the perfect spot along the roadway for maximum smokage. And judging by the crowd that had gathered, this wasn't a spur of the moment decision, someone was planning on making some action happen. The revving of the engine begins and clouds are forming. But rather than the white, puffy clouds the driver was hoping for, dark clouds made their move instead in the form of blue lights flashing in the background. If you've got the volume up, you can hear the exasperation behind the video when the bystanders realizing what's going on.

Commenters complimented the driver of the vehicle for not bailing on the burnout despite the Topsham Police showing up on the scene. Unfortunately for the driver, folk hero status won't pay the fines they incurred for burning rubber directly in front of an officer. In fact, the fines were so steep, a Go Fund Me page was started to help cover the costs. Bad luck or bad decision? We'll let you decide.

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