For the last 10 months, many people's lives in Maine have become a blur. The pandemic has caused new challenges to arise, from home schooling to working remotely to safety precautions you never dreamed of. All of those things can take a toll on a person's psyche which is why the Facebook post from a small town in Maine is putting a smile on so many faces. Its simplicity is a reminder of why Maine is one of the best places to live in the world.

Shared on Facebook by Hartford, Maine, cancel your visit to the Hartford Town Hall on school vacation week because Isaac is taking the week off. And he's taking that week off to spend some time with his kids. The post was screenshot and shared in a Reddit forum and while there were a few jokes to be made about one person alone working at the town hall, most people agreed that this served as a reminder to slow life down when you can and enjoy the people you hold closest.

Hartford, Maine is a small town of about 1,200 people. They do see visitors in the summertime thanks to Little Bear Pond. But in the winter? Well, clearly that's family time. We hope Isaac enjoys a little time with his kids on February vacation. Everyone in town can register their car later.

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