Why is 4/20, 4/20?

So most people know that the number 420 is associated with marijuana, but why is that?

According to Time, it likely has to do with some high school students in the 70s.


For whatever reason, 4:20 pm was the time that a group of five students at San Rafael High School in Marin County California would meet up to get high. They would even use "420" as a code for marijuana.

It was later on when one of the members of the 420 group became a roadie for Grateful Dead that the 420 term started growing in popularity with Grateful Dead fans, or "Deadheads", planning an event to partake in "420" at 4:20 on 4/20.


So you're celebrating the green holiday and then it hits you, the munches. Why is that?

Well, according to Insider, it's all thanks to a chemical reaction in your brain that enhances appetite. The THC triggers a hormone that stimulates appetite and boosts the sense of smell and taste.


About that pizza...

Munchies be gone thanks to Fairgrounds Pizza & Pub in Cornish, Maine. They understand that desire for pizza and chips and they just combined the two thanks to the Cheetos Cheesesteak Pizza.

This pie that Cheech and Chong would fight Jay and Silent Bob over. (Although, Chong has said he's vegan...) This pizza is built on a garlic butter crust, is doused in a cheese sauce, topped with shaved steak, cheese, and the pièce de résistance, HOT CHEETOS.

So grab the crew, celebrate the holiday (if you're old enough, of course), and end the day with this insane pizza!

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